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Renee Pettitt-Schipp
 lived in the Indian Ocean Territories for three years, however 2014 saw her return to the port city of Fremantle she calls home.  Renee’s recent work shares her experiences in our nation’s most marginal territory, as well as her reflections on returning to the Australian mainland.  Read Renee’s blog from her time on Christmas Island.

Renee is currently enjoying a cross-discipline approach, which has seen her work appear in multiple exhibitions, numerous publications, on national radio and performed live in venues throughout Australia.  In the past five years, Renee has been shortlisted for the Dorothy Hewett manuscript prize, the ACU literature prize, the Katherine Susannah Pritchard poetry award, the WAPI Love Poetry Prize, the Trudy Graham Biennial Literary Award, and she has both won and been highly commended in the Ethel Webb Bundell prize for poetry.  Renee is currently completing her PhD in Creative Writing through Curtin University.

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Curriculum Vitae

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Qualifications and Associations

2015 – commenced Doctor of Philosophy – Media, Culture and the Creative Arts, Curtin University

2014 – joined the Out of the Asylum (OOTA) writers’ committee

2013 – awarded First Class Honours in Creative Writing, Curtin University

2011 – attained full accreditation as a English as a Second Language teacher, Education Department of W.A.

2010 – Member of OOTA writers’ group

2000 – 2003 Graduate Diploma in Education, Murdoch University

1999 – Photo Media (one year only), Edith Cowan University

1992 – 1996 Bachelor of Arts (Double Major in English and Comparative Literature and Philosophy), Murdoch University


  • The Dorothy Hewett Award for an unpublished Manuscript (‘Returning to Land’ Shortlisted, 2015)
  • Katherine Susannah Pritchard Poetry Awards (‘Black Stone’ Commended, 2015)
  • Poetry d’Amour Love Poetry Contest (‘Autumn at the Cidery’ Highly Commended, 2015)
  • ACU Literature Prize (‘Parting Glass’ Shortlisted, 2014)
  • First Class Honours ( ‘In the Shadow of a Palm Tree’, poetry manuscript and exegesis – Curtin University, 2013)
  • Ethel Webb Bundell Prize for Poetry (‘New Eyes at Wet Night Intersection’ Winner, 2010, and ‘Measuring Loss’ Highly Commended, 2012)
  • Trudy Graham Biennial Literary Award (‘Song to Self’ Shortlisted, 2010)

Publication History

Print Publication History
  • 2016 ‘Portrait of a Poet Sitting with a Stone’ in Westerly (pending publication in New Creative).
  • 2015 ‘Kings Park’ (poem) in Western Australian Botanic Garden: Celebrating 50 Years, back sleeve. Perth: Western Australian Botanic Parks and Gardens Authority.
  • 2015 ‘Christmas Island’ (poem) in Prayers for a Secular World, p8. Victoria: Inkerman and Blunt.
  • 2015 ‘Tuesday Waits in Lodtunduh’, ‘The Haematologist Finds a Girl’ (poem and flash fiction) in Cuttlefish, pp24, 31. Cottesloe, Western Australia: Sunline Press.
  • 2015 ‘Autumn at the Cidery’ and ‘Love Song’ (poems) in Poetry d’Amour 2015, pp11, 78. Inglewood, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc.
  • 2014 ‘Pinggiran’ (poem) in Westerly, 59(2), pp224, 225. Australia: Westerly Centre.
  • 2014 ‘Soar’, ‘A Place Much Further’, ‘Returning to Greenhead’ (poems) in Poetry d’Amour 2014, pp9, 13, 22. Inglewood, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc.
  • 2014 ‘Parting Glass’ (poem) in The Language of Compassion, p1. NSW: Australian Catholic University.
  • 2013 ‘The Will of Water’ (poem) in Going Down Swinging, 35, p206. Victoria: Going Down Swinging.
  • 2013 ‘This Same Humidity’ (poem) in Regime, 3, p23. Perth: Regime Books.
  • 2013 ‘Tell Canberra They’re Dreaming’ ‘The Sky Runs Right Through Us’ (poems) and ‘Where the Light Reaches’ (short story) Jukebox; a selection of prose, soul, poetry, flash fiction, pp120-1125. Fremantle, Western Australia: Out of the Asylum.
  • 2013 ‘The Fact of You’ and ‘Tuesday Waits in Lodtunduh’ (poems) in Poetry d’Amour 2013, pp9, 59. Inglewood, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc.
  • 2012 ‘In the Shadow of a Palm Tree’ (series of poems) in borderlands, 11(3), pp1-6. Retrieved from www.borderlands.net.au
  • 2012 ‘Shift’ (poem) in Famous Reporter, 44, p18. North Hobart: Tasmania
  • 2012 ‘Advance Australia’ (poem) in Creatrix Anthology 2008-2012, p47. Inglewood, Western Australia: WA Poets Inc.
  • 2011 ‘Last time I saw you your hair was long’ (poem) in Westerly, 56(1), p216. Australia: Westerly Centre.
  • 2010 – 2012 (multiple poems) in dotdotdash, issues 4, 6, 7, 9. Perth, Western Australia: dotdotdash.
  • 2010 -2012 (multiple publications of poems and photographs) in Landscapes – The Journal of the International Centre for Landscape and Language. Retrieved from http://ro.ecu.edu.au/landscapes/
Publication through Exhibition and Performance