moon and light

It’s you that makes me stop and think,

the full round red drama of you

stronger than a bushfire moon,

a setting sun, Monet’s apple,

and it’s in knowing that it’s fleeting

your little hexagons of light before


green and I’m gone, less likely to consider

the similes and metaphors of the ‘go’ globe

until orange as an orange I am

back to where I started thinking

bushfire moon, setting sun, Monet’s apple


the thin lines of tar that bandaid

the street run like red rivers

under your red light

and all ordinary struck by this moment’s

new hue


but it was when the moon

sat behind your red, orange, green

I caught my breath and

it seemed

there was nothing more perfect

nothing more lovely

nothing more pure and whole and right

than this white, red, orange, green,

moon and traffic light.


Winner of the Ethel Webb Bundell Prize for Poetry